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Are you sick of the everyday gym workouts? Does the thought of lifting weights make you want to go grab some Chick-Fil-A, pick a new Netflix series, and call it a day? Don't worry because honestly... same! I want so much more than the same few workouts. I want to feel every song of my workout and learn to see the beauty in who I am.

The Dance Barn isn't JUST a dance fitness studio. It is a group of women (and a few men) continuously PUSHING LIMITS and BARRIERS that we have set for ourselves, we empower one another, and we make ourselves a priority in our own crazy lives. We simply use fitness to move us forward.

These workouts are intense, fun, and life-changing. Ranging from dance fitness, chair fitness, toning, strength training, and more.. you will be challenged, but you will embrace it, and as 

you step out of your comfort zone with us, you will step into your power like never before. This studio will focus on how YOU feel when you leave. It is called The Dance Barn for a reason. We do dance. We do fitness. We don't set limits. We turn our magic all the way up, and we embrace each challenge with ferocity. We create a team-like atmosphere where we push each other outside of our comfort zones and let our passion lead the way.
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When I found these classes I had already been on my fitness journey for a year. I was at a stand still with my weight loss and was struggling with workouts to help me progress further. I have tried Zumba before, but didn't like how the songs weren't modern day and everything was very salsa based. I found Mikala from a friend on Facebook, and decided to try her class one night. I was forever changed. Her class was so fun and I found that I was sweating more than I did on any workout I could do on my own or at Zumba. Mikala is so sweet and she really strives to make sure she modifies dances to everyone's individual goals. Since I started with her, I have noticed my confidence has grown and I am losing weight again. If you haven't tried her classes, I highly recommend it. I couldn't imagine life without it now and I have so much fun. I'm so thankful to have met Mikala and the other ladies who I can now call my friends. 
-Brittany B.


Mikala is a wonderful instructor and the classes are super fun! It doesn't feel like working out at all, just like dancing. Although it is DEFINITELY a workout, and you burn a ton of calories! One of the things I love is that you are able to modify any dance to best suit your needs. I highly recommend attending a class and checking it out for yourself.
-Stephanie D.


Dance fitness with Mikala has seriously changed my life! She is an amazing instructor and I cannot say enough good thing about her. Anyone looking to lose weight and have fun doing it needs to get to her class! I've been dancing with her now for 8 months, and I love it more every day. Mikala is inspirational, motivating, and such an awesome person. These classes mean so much to me, and I was hooked on day one! I don't know where I'd be without this in my life.
-Tabby M.


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