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The Dance Barn is a dance fitness studio. Our studio is based out of my parents' barn. The Dance Barn is so much more than just fitness. The goal is for it to be a movement. A movement that allows us to evolve unapologetically, dance ruthlessly, and own our greatness together. This studio will focus on how YOU FEEL when you leave. It is called dance fitness for a reason. We do dance. We do fitness. We don't set limits. We turn our magic all the way up, and we embrace each challenge with ferocity. We create a teamlike atmosphere where we push each other outside of our comfort zones and let our passion lead the way.

All of our payments are made on our scheduling website, Right now, registration for classes is mandatory, so this is the only form of payment we accept at the moment. If you have any questions please do not hesitate, and I will be happy to assist however I can! 

What forms of payment do you accept?

What is The Dance Barn?


Who is able to attend class?

Despite the slogan "Fitness for a Queen" both male and female are welcome. We have only ever had a few males throughout the past couple years; however, if you find an interest in the classes, you are more than welcome to join. I do ask that class participants be at least 7 years of age or older. I make sure to use clean versions of all songs. My only request is that if a child is attending class, they participate.

Do I need dancing experience?

Not at all. These classes are for everyone. Everything can be modified. I post videos and tutorials online as well in case you'd like some extra help. The moves are repetitive. The more you attend the more you will feel comfortable. There is an ABSOLUTELY NO JUDGING rule at The Dance Barn. While in the barn, it is your time to be the best version of yourself. We even turn the lights down and use party lights to give a club like vibe. Any of you who have ever been to a club know how much easier it is to dance without lights on!

The dance fitness classes offered at The Dance Barn are higher impact than Zumba. We combine dance fitness moves with high impact fitness moves such as jumping jacks, burpees, squats, high knees, push ups, etc. (Don't worry, all of this can be modified to your own style). On average, ladies burn between 400-1100 calories per class. These classes are also more hip-hop based than traditional Zumba classes.

How is this any different than Zumba?

What is the long term plan for The Dance Barn?

My ultimate goal for The Dance Barn is to create a safe space for individuals to not be afraid to be their true selves. A space where there is no judgement. A family of individuals who all have the same goals and are willing to push each other. Whether we only ever have 5 people a class or 25, the goal is to always leave class with a sense of purpose and happiness.

I know how hard it is trying to find a sitter sometimes to come to class. I never want anyone to feel like they can't get their workout in simply because no one is home to watch their children. I do however ask that you try to make arrangements ahead of time. Children 5 years of age and younger are not permitted to be in the barn. We play loud music and have a variety of lights being used at all times. If it is an absolute last minute emergency, I do have some chairs in the barn. I do ask that your children be able to sit and not run around during class. I would recommend a tablet, etc and headphones due to our music being loud.  Due to liability reasons, kids attending class are not permitted on the trampoline, play sets, or any other structure at the farm, especially with no one there to watch them during class.

Am I able to bring my child with me?

Are you certified to teach?

I am currently a certified Dance2Fit instructor as well as a certified Turn Up Instructor. Both of these certifications are dance fitness platforms. I combine the two to create a unique class for participants. I am also certified in Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Phil, which is an awesome step aerobics class that originated out of Ohio! I am also a certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Do I need a membership? How expensive are classes?

You do not need a monthly membership for The Dance Barn. All classes will be drop in. Classes are $8 with many different monthly specials to choose from as well (will resume Fall '22). My goal is to create fun, unique, and affordable fitness for all. Ultimately, the more classes you attend each month, the cheaper each individual class will be.

How old does one need to be to attend classes?

Of course there are exceptions; however, I would say at least 7-8 in order to participate. Ideally, teens, as this is more of a hip hop class. I do use clean versions of songs; however, as we all know with today's music, kids can still pick up on it. Basically, this is up to the parents' discretion, as long as your child will not be a distraction in class. For younger children, I do offer Mommy & Me classes once a month. This is for roughly 4-12 years of age. With Corona I have taken a break from that, but will hopefully be able to bring that back shortly.

Do you have showers, restrooms, etc?

We are in the process of working on creating an outdoor bathroom for The Dance Barn. For the time being we have rented a portable restroom. We do not have showers; however, we do have a small changing area. I do of course also ask that you bring water with you; however, we do have a fridge full of waters as well for anyone who may need one.

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